Top 7 Reasons Why Canada In The Top Place To Study For Indian Students

The student life is the most crucial part of our lives. It is both exciting and scary. At one part, it gives us wings to fly and explore the world but at the same time, it teaches us to use our wings wisely. In their venture to explore the world, many students decide to study abroad to broaden their horizon and experiences.

Why does out of all the choices available for foreign studies, students are deciding for Canada over all the other countries? Why so much infatuation with Canada? And why most of the student Visa consultant in Mohali advice you to prefer Canada?

Well, we have come up with 7 major reasons to choose Canada for your further studies.

  1. The bilingual environment of the country: Canada is a bilingual country which eventually provides an excellent opportunity to develop a career with multiple language skills. English and French, both the languages are an integral part of the education system of Canada. It opens up prospects for interesting career choices and enriches the cultural and community life of the country.
  2. World-class education: The recognition of Canadian universities, colleges and diplomas is another major factor behind its popularity. The overall educational system of Canada is based upon cross-disciplinary studies. The main target of this education system is to develop transferable skills (critical thinking, team work and communication) using cutting-edge solutions and digital media.

According to Times Higher Education World University Ratings, the five Canadian universities were ranked in the Top 100 best universities of the world. Ask any student Visa consultant in Mohali, his first answer will be Canada.

  1. They provide scholarships: The rewards you get for studying in Canadian universities are quite bigger in comparison to the investments you make. The universities are known to provide considerable scholarship amounts to international students. There are special scholarships for Ph D and research scholars. The financial aid has brought the reputation of these universities miles ahead.
  2. Ease of admission: As compared to the lakhs of students that pass out every year, the number of seats in the top-ranked education institutes are too less. There are limited dream schools like IIMs (Indian Institute of Management), IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) in India and not every student can fulfill his desire to get quality education. It is comparatively easy to get admitted in great schools and universities in Canada.
  3. Multiculturalism: No matter from which corner of the world you belong to, Canada affirms your rights regardless your country, gender, race, origin or language. Canada was the first country in the world to announce multiculturalism in the world. The harmonious environment of the country makes it easier for the students to settle down and focus in their studies. That is why; most of the work Visa consultants in Mohali focus on Canadian Visas.
  4. Tech wave of the country: The Canadian education excels in tech fields like telecommunications, digital media, video game, biotech and aeronautical engineering. The innovative school programs and penetrating internet speed speaks it all. The virtual Wi-Fi is accessible from every corner of the country.
  5. Enriching work experience after completing your graduation: According to the policy of Canadian government, any student who has obtained a post-secondary school diploma from the University of the Country is allowed to gain work experience here. It helps students in developing diverse professional skills. This is the reason every immigration consultant in Mohali prefers Canada for study and work Visas.

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